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Spencer's Fencers Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne

Listen, let's rip the bandaid off: Nobody at our company is named Spencer. We are a division of Live Edge Construction LLC, but that's not a very catchy name for a fence company, is it? We're good at installing fences. Honestly, it isn't rocket science, and a simple fence shouldn't carry the price tag of a nice used car. We come out to your house, discuss materials, measure out the linear footage, and provide you a quote before we leave your home. Then, we schedule install, we show up on time and conduct ourselves professionally, and you get your fence. We are fully insured for both liability and workman's compensation.  

Chain Link

Chain link fencing is perhaps the most effective yet economical fencing barrier available today. We install chain link fencing barriers for commercial and residential applications, including security fencing, temporary fencing, sports fencing and education.


Vinyl fencing is certainly one of the most attractive, highly durable, and maintenance free fencing you can install on your properties. Modern vinyl fencing will outlast iron and wood fencing with a fraction of the upkeep required. 


Our well designed and built wood fence solutions add a pleasing aesthetic and increased property value. Wood fencing is almost always preferred to chain link fences or in many cases even vinyl, steel or aluminum fencing.

Split Rail

We'll design and build the highest quality agricultural fencing available today for Fort Wayne farms, ranches, wineries and gardens. Choose us for an experienced, local, and licensed fencing company. Modern agricultural fences are made of cedar split rail, wire, barbed wire, electric fence, metal, and vinyl.

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